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- The Tangkoko National Park is a small rainforest area around the ­Klabat volcanic mountain. Located ­at the foot of the Dua Saudara mountain, the area consists­ of rolling hills ­and valleys with a great variety of hardwood trees and unusual plants.

- The animal world is quite varied too, and you can often view Tarsius Spectrums (the world's smallest primates), black tailless monkeys, maleo birds, wild pigs and cuscus (belonging to the marsupials family).

- The Tangkoko Reserve provides a suitable habitat, helping to prevent these animals from extinction. Tangkoko is located in the northern area of Bitung, and covers an area of 3196 hectares and takes about 1.5 -2.5 hours from Manado harbour.

- Our local tour guide you will ensure a safe journey to Tangkoko and will provide you with good chances to detect wild animals.

- You might discover species like the Tarsius (Celebes Kobold Maki ), the Black Makaks, spiders, the Sulawesi hornbill or other birds; especially when bird watching in the early morning. With a bit of luck you also might encounter the local Moluccan cockatoo.

- You will be served dinner & drinks in Manado after the tour

Pice is Euro 85 / px - Min 2 px
Price includes : English Speaking Guide, Private Air Con Car,
Dinner, Mineral Water Drinking, Tax 10%
Price Excludes : Guide Tip, Personal Expense


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